When is it Time for Replacing Your Filter in Your Air Handler?

Keep your HVAC system in Savannah running well by replacing your filter regularly. This helps you avoid A/C repair in Savannah and will keep you cooler at home, too.

The most straightforward answer to air filter questions is that you need to replace your air filter when it is dirty. You can always pull it out to check it. All you need to do is hold it up to the light. If you can still see light through it, chances are good that it is still able to do its job. This method is typically not recommended only because we are all human and we forget to stop and inspect our air filters!

On a slightly more technical level, you need to be replacing your filter when the static pressure is too high for your system to run properly. This measurement for most systems is .5 inches to 1 inch of static pressure. This is measured with a tool that we have stocked on all service vehicles. If the filter’s dirt causes your static pressure to increase beyond the recommended pressure readings, then you need to be replacing your filter.

However, we know that most people don’t have a way to measure this pressure. In Savannah, most filters need to be replaced once a month because we run our air conditioners so much. If you have several children, as we do, who run in and out of the house throughout the day, you may need to change it more often!

How Can I Remember to Change My Filter?

  1. We recommend that people put reminders in their calendar apps on their phones.
    • This way you will remember to change your air filters the same time each month.
    • It’s easy to set it up so that it pops up once a month.
  2. You can also change your air filter on the same day that you receive your electric bill.
    • This typically arrives on the same day each month, even if it is emailed to you.
    • You can also use any other bill that comes to you on a consistent basis!
  3. If you have a hard time finding the right air filter or remembering to install it, we have a solution for that as well!
    • We have a program where we’ll send you an air filter every month. That way, you’ll always have a filter on hand when you need it. You can contact us about this program via our website.

Reach out to us today about replacing your filters or about anything related to your HVAC system in Savannah. We’re here for all of your A/C repair and furnace repair needs in Savannah. Our techs would be happy to help you keep your system running well! Both now and for many years to come.

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