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When your furnace isn’t working, you don’t have time to sit around wondering who you should call or if the problem will take care of itself. Instead of wasting that time, call us at Service Emperor and say, “Fix my furnace!”

We’ll have an HVAC expert out to you fast to assess your needs and start your furnace repair. Before long, your furnace will be working again.

Call on our furnace repair service anytime your furnace is not working in Savannah or the surrounding area. No matter what the problem is, we’ll have the appropriate furnace repair in place fast so you can get warm, stay warm, and focus your attention on the things that matter most to you.

We are the Experts on Furnace Repair

As soon as you call us and say, “Fix my furnace!” we’ll connect you with a technician who specializes in furnace repair in Savannah. Your tech will be out to you soon, at a time that’s convenient for you. He or she will have a conversation with you about what has been going on with your furnace, then they will find out why the furnace is not working.

Once we know why your furnace is broken, we’ll know what we need to do to fix it. We’ll keep you updated throughout the process so you will always know what we’ve found, how we plan to go about the repair, and what your repair status is. If we have to order any parts, you’ll know when you can plan on seeing us again.

Before long, we’ll have your furnace repair completed. We’ll test everything and invite you to test it, too, just so we can all be sure things are working the way you need them to. Once you’re satisfied that your furnace is fixed, we’ll get out of your way and let you get on with your life.

Don’t let your furnace problems go too long! Call today to get the repairs you need.

Signs your Furnace is Broken

When you don’t have any hot air or your furnace won’t turn on, it’s usually pretty clear that you need to call for furnace repair. Some furnaces will let you know that they are having problems before they die completely. Look for these signs, then call us for furnace repair service ASAP. We might be able to fix your furnace before you lose heat entirely.

One of the most difficult things about heating systems is that there are so many different types and technologies. It can be overwhelming to figure out what’s wrong with your system without some training or experience, but don’t worry; we here to help!

Our team at Service Emperor will do whatever it takes to solve your problem. We’ll keep working on the issue until you’re satisfied and if there’s anything that can be done, we won’t stop ’til our work is complete.

FAQ's on Furnace Repair

Homeowners aren’t expected to know everything to do with home repair or how specific devices work around the house. However, having a basic knowledge of your home appliances is definitely helpful. This can avoid many problems in the future or even help you get out of them independently.

All furnaces are different but every homeowner should be aware of the most common parts of the unit to identify specific things to a technician when calling in an emergency situation.

Not constant maintenance, but it certainly needs to be checked out at least once per year. Many furnace companies offer scheduled maintenance plans that include an on-site check-up on your furnace. Don’t wait until your furnace breaks down to decide to run a routine maintenance check.

There are many signs to identify if your furnace isn’t working correctly. For instance, it won’t turn on or remain turned on throughout the entire period you need it for. You might find that it’s not working to its full potential, or you might run into an issue where it starts to make uncommon noises. If any of these signs are present when operating your furnace, make sure to call your local technician and have them take a closer look.

Absolutely, this is one most essential factors in making sure you get a full life out of your furnace and increase its lifespan. Running routine checks to the burners and cleaning the air filters will help prevent the unit from getting clogged and make sure it can run to its full potential.

A new furnace is meant to last from 15-20 years, along with a regular check-up. After 15 years, you might spot your furnace deteriorating and needing some additional fixing. However, until a technician tells you that you need a new one, don’t switch yours right away. There are numerous ways to fix your current device.

This is one of the most common problems we hear. When the furnace turns on, it sounds like it’s running normally. However, it doesn’t provide enough heat to warm the entire home. You might even find yourself boosting the heat as you get the sensation that the current temperature isn’t enough. This can be a sign of numerous things like dirty filters. This is one of the most common causes of furnace problems.

When your furnace blows cold air, it is a sign of your furnace not working correctly. It might mean that the furnace isn’t even turning on entirely.

This can even be a sign of a problem in the flame sensor, which occurs regularly when dirty. Identify if the flame sensor is staying on, if it is then then you have found your problem.

Carbon Monoxide is hazardous, and if there’s a carbon monoxide leak in your house, it’s likely coming from your furnace.

There are numerous signs on how a user can spot these, through the smell of something burning, brownish or yellowish stains around the furnace itself, or even smoke or fumes coming out. If you encounter any of these issues, be sure to request help immediately.

Absolutely, the more you learn how to do it, the smoother your furnace will continue to run. You can clean your furnace by removing the burner cover and vacuuming the burner and the blower door as thoroughly as possible.

It really depends on the company you are using. Everyone has different prices. It can vary from $80 to 100 dollars, if not even more.

It all depends on the inspection and the repairs needed. It is always less pricey to pay a furnace inspection for maintenance than paying for a repair, which involves replacing new parts.

Giving your furnace service is the best way to guarantee that it will last longer than expected.

For inspection, review numerous companies, and see which ones have a maintenance plan. This might reduce the cost of annual visits and add additional benefits to the price you pay.

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