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A clogged drain is one of the last things you want to handle. Many homeowners put off unclogging their drains until they need service. When your home or business needs drain cleaning, Savannah, GA, has a leading company: Service Emperor.

Service Emperor is a reliable company offering drain cleaning and other plumbing services. Whether your toilet is clogged or tree roots are damaging your pipes, we resolve the problem quickly and accurately. A skilled plumber will inspect the different drains on your property and remove obstructions.

Drain Cleaning Services in Savannah, GA

At Service Emperor, we understand the stress and inconvenience of a slow drain. While it doesn’t seem like a big concern initially, clogs from a slow drain left untreated can produce noxious fumes and cause health problems in the long run. Our team specializes in removing clogs in a timely manner.

Our technicians have experience cleaning residential and commercial properties’ drains. Our expertise includes services for:

As an experienced plumbing company, we complete each job with precision and care. Whether your business faces a burst pipe or your bathroom sink drain causes foul odors in your house, our staff is ready. We respond quickly to emergencies and ensure each customer’s satisfaction throughout the job.

Kitchen Drain Cleaning

Kitchen drains clog easily from grease, food waste, and other debris. We break down clogs, eliminate the blockage, and ensure your sink drain is clearing properly. If you suspect you have a blocked sink, our services will help you save money.

Bathroom Drain Cleaning

Toilets, tubs, your shower, and bathroom sinks are especially susceptible to clogs. Hair, soap residue, dirt, and other substances cause a drain back up, making the water flow terribly. 

Personal hygiene items, wipes, and other products significantly disrupt the water’s flow. We can snake your drain to prevent further damage and remove these items.

Floor Drain Cleaning

The often dusty atmosphere of laundry rooms, garages, and basements makes these spots prime locations for floor drain clogs. If your home or business has a floor drain, we can pinpoint the clog, remove it altogether, and ensure it doesn’t return. We use a commercial drain cleaner to power through hardened sludge.

Main Sewer Line Cleaning

Main sewer lines run from your property to your septic tank or sewer system. These lines are at risk for severe clogs or even an explosion from high pressure. A licensed plumber from Service Emperor has the necessary training to avoid explosions.

Store-bought chemical solutions aren’t enough. High-pressure water jetting will remove debris from your main drain line. Our technicians use state-of-the-art plumbing tools to remove clogs before they cost you more money.

Drain Servicing Techniques in Savannah, GA

Our Savannah, GA, plumbers are experts on all the different techniques for servicing your clogged sewer drain, slow bathroom drain, or obstructed pipes. We ensure safe removal with high-quality tools and advanced diagnostic techniques. Consider our services as your first line of defense.

At Service Emperors, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive and affordable services no matter the job. Our company can fix:

Plumbing services can be costly if clogs and damage are extensive. You deserve the best service from the minute we arrive. We follow best practices and use effective techniques for resolving your pipe obstructions, including video inspections, drain snaking and rooting, and hydro jetting services.

Video Inspection Services

Our services begin with an inspection. Not all clogs require us to cut into your pipes. Instead, we use tiny video cameras to inspect your plumbing, identify troublesome clogs, and establish the best removal strategy.

Years of hardened dirt, grease, waste, and other materials can make it challenging to remove clogs. Video cameras allow us to see clogs easily. In addition to preliminary inspection purposes, we use them to double-check for debris after clog removal.

Drain Snaking Services

A drain snake is a flexible metal coil that effectively removes dirt, sludge, and other obstructions in your drainage system. The snake’s bristles turn at a high speed and scrape debris from the pipe walls. From there, we can flush out or remove leftover material.

Drain snaking is most successful with help from experts. Schedule service for drain snaking for minor to severe clogs.

Hydro Jetting Services in Savannah, GA

If your home or business has years of untreated clogs in the pipe system, your plumbing may fail unexpectedly. We offer high-pressure water jetting to blast dirt, debris, leaves, and other gunk from your system.

Hydro jetting is similar to power washing. A high-pressure water stream shoots water into your pipes and takes clogs with it. Thanks to these services, your dirty plumbing lines can behave like new.

Take advantage of one of the most reliable drain services available. Service Emperor stands by the benefits of drain jetting, promoting its compatibility between pipe sizes and its drain-clearing ease.


Many Savannah homeowners and business owners have questions about drain cleaning. With the correct information, you can get an effective drain repair and cleaning. Service Emperors answer some of the most common questions about cleaning drains.

- How Important Is It to Clean Your Drain Pipes?

It’s vital to clean your pipes regularly. Without regular cleaning, you risk illness from toxic sewer gas, explosions from high pressure in the pipes, and a high water bill due to inefficient operation. A proper cleaning eliminates these odors, improves drainage speed, and reduces future issues.

Untreated clogs can result in serious problems, including leaks and sewer backups. If you need a prompt plumbing service, our same-day services make it easy to get fast, professional cleanings.

- How Often Should You Clean Your Drains?

How often you should clean your drains depends on how often you use them and what you put down them. If you use your drains frequently, you’ll need cleaning services more often. The most common obstructions include hair and grease.

Roots and paper products heavily contribute to sewer clogs. If you notice multiple drains emptying slowly, your drainage issues lie in the main sewer line.

- How Do You Know Whether Your Drain Needs Cleaning?

The most obvious indicator that your drains need cleaning is if they drain slowly. A slow-draining kitchen sink, bathtub, or toilet means you likely have a drain or pipe clog. If you’ve noticed the problem getting worse over time, you should take action fast to avoid a high bill.

Other indicators of a drain clog are drain flies. These flies lay eggs on dirty drains in basements, garages, and other less-traveled areas. If you notice drain fly larvae on or around your drains, this needs to be fixed.

Professional plumbers in Savannah, such as Service Emperors, can instruct you on how to clear minor clogs, or have experts complete the job.

Unclog Drains with Help From Service Emperor in Savannah, GA

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