Need Help with AC Warranty Lookup?

AC Warranty Lookup. Check out your Manufacturer in the Links Below

Did you know that your HVAC system may still be under warranty? Hopefully, you still have your warranty certificate where you can check out the warranty period.

If you don’t remember how long your warranty lasted or you moved into a home that already has an air conditioner and you’re not sure if it has a warranty, you can always look it up.

If you do have your warranty information, call us at Service Emperor for air conditioner warranty service in Savannah. We’ll get you taken care of and make sure the work is covered by your warranty.

Why Bother Looking up my Warranty?

If you have an air conditioner warranty, at least some of your repair costs may be covered, depending on what broke and what caused the problem. No matter how much or how little it covers, every penny helps.

If you need air conditioner warranty service in Savannah, you may need to use certain parts over others. For instance, many warranties specify that you use parts made by the manufacturer rather than other brands. Knowing this will help you make sure you keep your warranty valid for as long as possible.

Knowing that you have a warranty is also helpful because it will tell you what else you need to do to maintain your warranty coverage.

You may have to have yearly or bi-yearly maintenance performed on your unit to make sure everything is running well. There may be other specifications depending on the brand of unit you have and the type of warranty.

Trane Warranty Lookup

If you need Trane air conditioner repair, we can get that done for you. Before you call, check to see if you have a warranty here or here. You will need the serial number, model number, and installation date for your air conditioner. You may also need the original name that the warranty was registered under.

If you have a Trane air conditioner warranty, we’ll be sure to take that into account when we do your Trane air conditioner repair. Call us to get on the schedule today!

Carrier Warranty Lookup

Do you have an A/C by Carrier? Does it need Carrier air conditioner repair? Look here to see if it is under warranty. To get started on your search, all you need is the unit’s serial number, which should be printed somewhere obvious on the A/C itself. Then call us for your Carrier air conditioner repair today and get cool fast!

Goodman Warranty Lookup

Do you have an Air Conditioning system by Goodman? Want to access the warranty details on your Goodman HVAC system? Enter the product details and find the complete warranty information right here. You should be able to find your serial number on the name plate. Give us a call if you need help. 

Lennox Warranty Lookup

If you’re wondering if your Lennox air conditioning system is still under warranty, and could be eligible for discounted or free service, courtesy of the manufacturer, you should start by checking out this page, or giving Lennox support a call at 1 (800) 953-6669.

If your air conditioner has a different manufacturer, try navigating to their website to find a lookup page. Enter the requested information to see if your unit still has a warranty on it before you call for a repair.




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