When you have a broken furnace in Pooler, Savannah, or any of the surrounding areas, rely on Service Emperor to get it repaired fast. We live in the area, so we understand just how urgent these needs can be. After all, it gets cold here in the winter and an emergency furnace repair in Savannah or Pooler can mean the difference between you and your pipes freezing and everyone staying warm and well. No matter when your need comes up, Call Service Emperor today


We have HVAC technicians standing by no matter what time it is or what day it is. That’s right! We are here to answer your cries of “Fix my furnace!” 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You’ll never have to face a furnace outage alone again because there will always be someone nearby to help you with furnace repair in Pooler or Savannah.

The minute you realize you have a broken furnace in Savannah or Pooler, turn it off. Most of the time, sending power to a broken furnace doesn’t do much more than cost you money to ineffectively heat your home. Sometimes, though, sending power to a broken furnace in Pooler or Savannah can be dangerous to you or cause more damage to the furnace, so we suggest you turn it off, just in case.

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Once you’ve done that, contact us for your emergency furnace repair. Our technicians are always ready to go when they’re on call, which allows them to get to you quickly. Before long, we’ll be there to start your emergency furnace repair in Savannah or Pooler.

We always start by talking to you about what you experienced that caused you to call us. We figure that when you call us saying “Fix my furnace!” on the weekend or in the evening, something major must have happened. Knowing this can give us insight as to what the problem might be.

When we’ve heard your story, we’ll take a look at your broken furnace in Savannah or Pooler. We’ll test each component until we know what caused the problem and what repair you need. If we have the parts for your emergency furnace repair in Pooler or Savannah or can get them easily, we’ll perform the repair right away. If we have to wait for our suppliers to open, you’ll know what the plan is and when you will hear from us again.

Before long, your furnace will be fully operational once again. We’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done as quickly and easily as possible, so you can get back to enjoying your sleep, your weekend, or your holiday.

10 FAQ's on Emergency Furnace Repair

Knowing that your furnace has an issue, and it needs immediate repair can be overwhelming for homeowners. Many homeowners don't know what to do when their furnace isn't working correctly and often feel pressured to deal with it right away to avoid the possibility of needing to replace the entire furnace altogether.

When there is a problem with a furnace, every homeowner expects it to be something minor and has a quick fix. Many times this is true, and it just needs a little routine maintenance. At the least, you should know the basics of troubleshooting furnaces in case you do run into an emergency in the middle of the winter, and there's nobody around to assist you.

Sometimes there are simple and quick fixes that can be dealt with with some maintenance. On the other hand, there might be more significant issues that result in general wear and tear from old age.

Here are some basic FAQ on emergency furnace repair and everything you need to know about them before a technician comes to your aid.

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Don’t hesitate to call Service Emperor the next time you need 24-hour furnace repair. We love helping you live better in Savannah, Pooler, and the surrounding areas and we don’t want you to face furnace repairs alone. Pick up the phone and call us now and one of our technicians will be there soon!