When the time comes that you need to have a new AC unit put in, don’t you want the efforts to be handled by a team of skilled professionals? The staff at Service Emperor is composed of the area’s top cooling system experts, so you can feel confident that we know what we are doing and can get your place in Savannah GA equipped with a suitable new system.

Contact us to schedule a time for our air conditioning contractors to come out and check out your cooling systems.


The humid weather during the summer months here in Savannah makes having a working comfort system an absolute necessity. If the AC at your property goes out suddenly, every second counts while you are sweating and waiting for help.

Our team of air conditioning contractors shows up fast when you call for help, because we know you want to be cooled down as soon as possible.

You can expect us to be respectful and courteous while doing AC installation at your property. We show up on time and will seamlessly get your old unit swapped out with the new one, then get that all hooked up and connected.

Our air conditioning contractors in Savannah GA use efficient methods to get AC units installed quickly with minimal disruption or inconvenience to you.

Series of Air Conditioners Installed
HVAC Tech working on an AC Installation


One way that we try to stick out amongst the competition is by being available to come to your aid at any time. We work around-the-clock and have air conditioning contractors waiting by the phone 24 hours a day, ready to answer your calls about replacing your AC.

If you have an emergency and need help immediately, don’t waste time searching online for “air conditioning installation near me”; just call our team of experts and we can be right there.

12 FAQ's on AC Installation

For some homeowners, AC installation can be a bit of a hectic process. However, with the right information on their hands, it doesn't have to be tricky at all. You don't need to be an AC expert to know what to expect during an AC installation.

All AC installations are different, given that all units are unique in their own way. Some are meant for smaller rooms, while other larger units are intended to cool down an entire house. Nevertheless, although each unit is different, homeowners should expect a couple of things in every AC installation process.


Have the Service Emperor team handle your air conditioning installation job. With 15+ years of experience helping property owners in Savannah, you can rest assured that everything will be done correctly when we are the ones handling the job. There is no better choice when you are looking for “air conditioning installation near me” than our staff of experts. Make an appointment for service by clicking here for your Savannah AC replacement!