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When the time comes that you need to have a new AC unit put in, don’t you want the efforts to be handled by a team of skilled professionals? The staff at Service Emperor is composed of the area’s top cooling system experts, so you can feel confident that we know what we are doing and can get your place in Savannah GA equipped with a suitable new system.

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The humid weather during the summer months here in Savannah makes having a working comfort system an absolute necessity. If the AC at your property goes out suddenly, every second counts while you are sweating and waiting for help.

Our team of air conditioning contractors shows up fast when you call for help, because we know you want to be cooled down as soon as possible.

You can expect us to be respectful and courteous while doing AC installation at your property. We show up on time and will seamlessly get your old unit swapped out with the new one, then get that all hooked up and connected.

Our air conditioning contractors in Savannah GA use efficient methods to get AC units installed quickly with minimal disruption or inconvenience to you.

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One way that we try to stick out amongst the competition is by being available to come to your aid at any time. We work around the clock and have air conditioning contractors waiting by the phone 24 hours a day, ready to answer your calls about replacing your AC.

If you have an emergency and need help immediately, don’t waste time searching online for “air conditioning installation near me”; just call our team of experts and we can be right there.

FAQ's on Air Conditioning Repairs

For some homeowners, AC installation can be a bit of a hectic process. However, with the right information on their hands, it doesn’t have to be tricky at all. You don’t need to be an AC expert to know what to expect during an AC installation.

All AC installations are different, given that all units are unique in their own way. Some are meant for smaller rooms, while other larger units are intended to cool down an entire house. Nevertheless, although each unit is different, homeowners should expect a couple of things in every AC installation process.

It’s essential to have a professional installation of an AC unit for it to function properly. We always ensure a new installation is fitted correctly by our very high-quality standards so you can benefit from a comfortable home for years to come.

Homeowners should hire a professional to install their AC because it could be more trouble than the installation is worth. You will want to avoid future issues especially warranty-based problems.  We can even recommend a maintenance plan to keep it working all year round.

If you know you need an AC in summer, install it early. Don’t leave it to the last minute. Be aware that it takes time for the installation process to be finished and for your AC to be working efficiently.

AC installation can often be a long process, and it can take from four to eight hours, depending on the unit itself. Therefore clear up your schedule to stay home during this installation process. Central air conditioners generally take the longest.

However, if you trust your technician, then there is no reason why you need to be in the house while the installation process occurs. Just make sure that you are present during the end of the process to supervise that the new AC system is placed correctly and fully working.

Split ACs are the easiest out of all of the different cooling systems to install and require no modification of the house. The only thing that this split system really needs is a space in the wall where a technician can install it and a spot outside for the outdoor unit.

Unfortunately, an AC unit is considered a personal property item. For that reason, homeowners insurance doesn’t cover an AC replacement. If people are finding it expensive to replace your AC unit, they can sign up for a payment plan to cover the entire price of the replacement AC system.

Homeowners should replace their old air conditioners with new ones when they break down before the repair becomes too expensive.

Sometimes people continue to invest money into repairing their old air conditioners. Towards the end, they might have spent more money on their repairs than on buying a brand-new AC.

If you want your AC to work properly, it’s important to maintain it regularly. We recommend that your AC should be checked by a professional at least once a year. Preferably before the cooling system.

An AC technician will install an air conditioner unit and ensure that it is working correctly. A correct installation means you can enjoy your summers without having to worry about your AC breaking down.

No. An oversized AC will cool down your house very quickly and causes your AC compressor to short cycle. This short cycling also causes high humidity as the AC has not had enough time to reduce the moisture in the air during its cooling cycle.

An AC compressor that stops prematurely before the end of this cycle will accumulate additional wear and tear. Restarting more often will result in additional power drain at the start of a cycle. This could also mean higher energy costs.

Living in a hotter area like Savannah GA doesn’t mean you need a larger central air conditioner; you just need a unit that’s best suited to your lifestyle and the size of your home.

Yes, Service Emperor offers weekend and emergency air conditioning services! Check out our emergency air conditioning page for more information! So at any time you don’t feel cool air blowing out of your AC unit. Give us a call!

The weight of an air conditioning unit can vary based on the type, model, and purpose of a unit. A large residential unit is going to weigh much more than a smaller residential unit. Typical residential units can weigh hundreds of pounds.

Sometimes, you may see air conditioning or other HVAC units referred to in tonnage, for example a 4-ton air conditioning unit. In this instance, tonnage refers to how much air a unit can displace, referencing how quickly it can adjust the temperature in a set amount of space. Check out our blog post on this to learn more!

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