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When you have a broken air conditioner in Savannah, Pooler, or the surrounding areas, you don’t have much time to waste. At Service Emperor, we understand just how hot and humid it gets here because we live in the area, too.

We’ll never leave you without air conditioner help, no matter what time it is or what day it is. Just say, “Fix my air conditioner!” and we’ll be there fast!

Call us at Service Emperor anytime for Emergency AC Repair and keep your family cool day or night. Pick up the phone and call (912) 231-5430 to for emergency services in Savannah, Pooler  or the surrounding areas.

24 Hour Air Conditioner Repair

When you need emergency air conditioner repair in Pooler or Savannah, call us at Service Emperor. We have technicians standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If we can get your air conditioner working again, we will, or we’ll help you come up with alternative plans to stay cool.

As soon as you notice that you have a broken air conditioner in Pooler or Savannah, turn off the unit. Make sure it isn’t drawing power before you do anything else. That way, you won’t have to pay for power that isn’t helping you cool your home. It can also save further damage to your unit, in some situations, and it can help keep you and your family safe, too.

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We’ll get to you as soon as we can. Since we offer 24-hour air conditioner repair, our tech will be ready to go when you call.

This allows you to get the help you need quickly. We’ll talk to you about what you experienced with your broken air conditioner in Pooler or Savannah that caused you to call us, then take a look at the unit for ourselves.

As soon as we know what is causing you to need emergency air conditioner repair, we’ll get to work fixing it for you. All of our technicians carry a standard array of parts with them, so they may very well be able to fix it right there. If we have to order a part, we may need to wait until standard business hours for our suppliers to open.

When that happens, you’ll know what our plan is for your emergency air conditioner repair in Savannah or Pooler and when you can plan to hear from us again. We’ll also make sure you have ways to stay cool until we can get everything fixed for you.

FAQ's on Emergency AC Repair

Whenever an AC isn’t given proper maintenance, an emergency repair might be needed. The worst part is that when homeowners need their ACs fixed immediately, they might be dependent on the technicians’ schedules to book an emergency appointment.

There are a few things to avoid when a cooling system is failing. Knowing what to do is an important part of getting your AC system up and running again ASAP.

Your AC should be working correctly and turning on and off regularly. However, if you notice that your device is continually shutting off whenever you turn it on, it might be due to an electrical failure, if there isn’t something more serious behind this issue. If this is the case, this situation might be causing the energy levels in your home to rise, so your electric bill will definitely be more pricey. To avoid this happening, make sure you call a technician to repair this problem before your AC malfunctions from this issue.

Another cause of an emergency AC repair can be your device not cooling or not blowing cold air. In some cases, an AC could even be blowing warm air as a sign of a malfunction, and therefore this is a clear indicator that you need to service it. Sometimes, a clogged vent might be caused, or it could be fixed by a replacement air filter. Make sure you call a technician to help you resolve this problem.

A leaking cooling system can be a cause of an emergency AC repair. This can be caused by low refrigerant, which means that the AC performs poorly. In this case, a technician would remove the remaining refrigerant and repressurize your system and check for leaks. If a leak is detected, the leak will be repaired and the system repressurized with refrigerant.

Another sign that your air conditioning system needs immediate repair is if your unit is making unusual noises. Any type of sound coming out of the functioning AC can be a sign of malfunction, and you need someone to check your unit before it becomes worse. If you think that ignoring the sounds might make the problem go away, then you could just be making the situation worse.

For instance, when the weather gets very hot and overwhelming in Savannah, Georgia, homeowners are more likely to turn on their AC numerous times during the day. However, when the AC is on, it should be functioning in the usual manner. If the AC compressor starts cycling rapidly, or it might sound like the AC might be overworking itself, you might need to call for an immediate repair. Rapid cycling can be caused by clogged filters, and the AC unit might be doing twice the work to blow cold air out.

Homeowners should replace their old air conditioners with new ones when they break down before the repair becomes too expensive.

Sometimes people continue to invest money into repairing their old air conditioners. Towards the end, they might have spent more money on their repairs than on buying a brand-new AC.

An air conditioning system is an excellent way of controlling the humidity inside your home. The recommended humidity level should be between 30 to 50 percent. If you start noticing some moisture inside your home, like your windows fogging up, or even feel like you are sweating more than you used to.

The AC isn’t doing its job to cool down the whole place, then you might need an emergency AC repair. Humidity inside a home can be a disaster. It can damage your furniture, without mentioning that it is also uncomfortable to live in.

An air conditioner shouldn’t be releasing any sort of smell. It should function normally without releasing any kind of unpleasant odors. However, if you might smell an unpleasant odor emanating out of your AC, you should call an AC repair technician to get that checked out. It might be caused by many different malfunctions within the system, or maybe there might be something blocking the airflow. Either way, it needs to be checked immediately.

If you feel like the air isn’t coming out as intense as it should, it is a clear sign that it needs immediate repair. You might notice this if you continue to crank up the power in your AC and nothing seems to happen. It might be a sign of airflow being blocked or maybe a larger malfunction. Leave the work to a professional and have them fix it for you.

No one knows your air conditioning system like you. You know how it works, and you can identify whenever there is something off. For that reason, if you see anything out of the ordinary, make sure you call Service Emperor for an emergency repair right away before the problem becomes worse.

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