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When you need air conditioning repair in Savannah, contact Service Emperor right away. We’ll help you get all of the repairs you need so you can rely on your A/C during the long, hot summer days.

Don’t put off air conditioning service or repairs! If you call us in at the first sign of a problem, we can often fix your AC before it dies completely or suffers a lot of wear and tear. We would love to help you get your air conditioning running well again soon!

If you’re tired of dealing with the stress of an air conditioning problem, get the experts at Service Emperor to take care of it for you. Pick up the phone and call (912) 231-5430 to request an estimate today for AC repair in Savannah, Pooler  or the surrounding areas.

Common AC Repairs in Savannah

If you’re looking up “air conditioning repair near me”, then chances are good that other people nearby are searching for the same thing. In fact, we see a lot of the same HVAC system problems over and over and over again. Here are some of the most common problems we can fix:

No matter what is wrong with your air conditioner, we can repair it. Whether your problem is listed above or not, we can help you get your AC unit running again. Call your local Savannah Air Conditioning company and enquire about our air conditioning services today!

Air Conditioning Repair FAQ's

If you are a homeowner or even a home renter, you naturally have many questions and concerns about your HVAC systems. Particularly when it comes to air conditioners, not knowing can be frustrating. So if you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers!

This is one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to the AC. Some people think that the air conditioning device doesn’t need maintenance until it breaks down or malfunctions. Nevertheless, it is crucial to provide it with decent service to avoid future complications.

Having your AC break down or malfunction can be far worse and more expensive than a simple maintenance check. For this reason, your AC system should be serviced at least once a year. However, to have it working correctly all year long, it should be checked more than once a year.

Your AC system can be your best friend when the summer heatwaves start to come. To make sure it’s ready for them, take some time now to have a professional check-up of any individual components that may need repair or replacement before you’re left without air conditioning in high temps and little money!

Conducting preventative maintenance through regular checkups can prevent you from being stuck in the heat with a non-functioning AC. Don’t wait for Savannah AC Repair, call Service Emperor and get your AC checked by one of our experienced technicians.

Air conditioning repair is no joke. People need to ensure that if they invest in a cooling system, they maintain it regularly and service it on a regular basis to ensure it functions correctly.

Every cooling device is different and made up of different assemblies. While they all have a long life expectancy, it can depend on how often you provide your Air Conditioner with enough maintenance care and repairs when needed.

The best thing that homeowners can do to ensure a fully functioning HVAC system is to have it checked by a professional technician from a reputable HVAC company quarterly or at the very least, yearly.

Avoiding Air Conditioning repair can be relatively easy.

From keeping it clean and away from debris, making sure that the air ducts aren’t blocked, keeping the heat out by ensuring your device doesn’t overwork, among other things. Proper preventative maintenance can avoid that expensive service call.

Keeping everything clean such as the evaporator coil, condenser coil, to the air handler can avoid costly repairs.

There are tons of ways to reduce air conditioning use whenever they are not using it. This doesn’t mean turning it off and not using it at all. It means choosing alternative methods to save energy and avoid your air conditioning to be turned on and wasting good air without people taking advantage of it.

Using programmable thermostats or even smart thermostats can be the key to saving yourself tons of energy and avoiding future air conditioning repairs.

Air Conditioning problems usually result from blockages in the system or even clogged airways, which prevent your appliance from working correctly. These problems could often be easily fixed and repaired, but they aren’t handled with care and quickly and efficiently. They can block your air conditioning’s airways and result in a bigger problem in the future.

A bigger problem could be repaired by a professional technician, or it could result in a new AC all together, which is only more pricey in the end.

A smart thermostat will control the air conditioning use whenever it is not being used or required. You could program it to run for a specific time and then turn it off automatically without it running for an unnecessary time. Also, controlling your air conditioning use is great because you are not overworking your device and work more than it should. This way, you are using it in a controlled manner and avoid any problems.

There are several things a technician looks for when providing your AC with proper maintenance or even a repair. If your air conditioning isn’t blowing cool air, a technician might look for any blocked air ducts.

Our Techs will look at the usual suspects when it comes to AC Repair; condenser coils, circuit breaker, ac contactor, fan motor and more.

We pride ourselves on great customer satisfaction and are happy to provide free estimates on all of our services including providing you will some maintenance tips to keep that AC running smoothly and efficiently. We will make sure you are provided with honest feedback on the state of your air conditioner.

As a premier Savannah Heating and Cooling Company, we service all areas in Bryan, Effingham, and Chatham County and all surrounding areas:

Savannah, Black Creek, Ellabell, Bloomingdale, Springfield, Richmond Hill, Guyton, Clyo, Effingham County, Pembroke, Port Wentworth, Tybee Island, Wilmington Island, Brooklet, Garden City, Pooler, Hilton Head and Rincon

Service Emperor are experts at everything related to home comfort, from commercial heating and cooling equipment to air conditioning installation for homeowners. We do HVAC repair on a range of HVAC systems so we know our stuff! If it’s related to heating and cooling or indoor air quality, we got your back!

If you are looking to reduce your energy bill or just need a new unit, Service Emperor is there for you.

Trusted AC Repairs in Savannah

We make it a point to both be there for you when you need us and to be ready to handle whatever it is you need. We service all makes and models of air conditioning equipment, and our fully-loaded trucks have the components and tools needed for a fast and accurate diagnosis as well as handle almost all common repairs on the spot. We also offer 24/7 emergency service availability because we recognize that air conditioning problems don’t always happen during regular business hours.

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