Is it time for a furnace replacement in Savannah? Do you worry about getting the right furnace for your home? We don’t blame you! After all, getting a new furnace is a significant investment in your home and your future.

When you need to replace a furnace, call us at Service Emperor. We’ll help you make sure that furnace replacement is the right choice for you. Then we’ll help you get the perfect new furnace for your house and we’ll get it installed for you, too!


Some homeowners aren’t sure when furnace replacement in Savannah is the right choice for them. Sometimes they don’t know if furnace repair might be a better choice.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself or talk over with your technician to decide if you want to invest in a new furnace right now.

  • How much have you spent on furnace repair over the last few years?
  • Are you facing a major or expensive furnace repair right now to get your furnace running okay again?
  • How often has your furnace broken down over the last few years, even if the repair wasn’t too expensive?
  • How old is your furnace, and how long can you realistically expect it to last?
  • Are you satisfied with how well your furnace works? Does it keep you warm at home when it is running well?
  • Only you can decide if you need to replace your furnace right now. Rest assured that we will support you and help you get the heat you need, no matter your decision.

    Service Emperor Tech repairing a furnace
    Service Emperor Tech replacing a furnace


    If you have decided that your furnace is broken beyond repair or you’re done paying for furnace repair, we will help you get a great new furnace for your house. We’ll take into account the following things:

  • The size of your home or the square footage that this particular furnace will need to heat.
  • The type of furnace you have right now.
  • Whether you’ve been satisfied with your current furnace when it has been working well.
  • How often you use your heat.
  • How warm you like to keep your home in the winter.
  • Whether you want to invest in a unit that will save energy (and money) over the years.
  • Once we know the answers to these items, we’ll recommend new furnaces that come from reputable manufacturers and seem likely to meet your needs. We’ll never recommend a furnace unit that we wouldn’t be comfortable putting in our own homes, for our own families to rely on!

    10 FAQ's On Furnace Replacement

    Getting to know the ins and outs of every appliance in your home is simply too much work. There is only so much you can learn about home furnaces if it doesn't happen to be your job or how you make your living. That said, it's important to know common troubleshooting tips for your furnace in case it breaks down in the dead of winter. If something goes wrong and you need to call a technician, it would be beneficial to identify specific parts of your furnace to better understand your problem.

    For instance, some homeowners who live in warmer climates fail to remember to schedule a maintenance check of their furnace each year as they don't use it as often as others living in colder climates. Failing to inspect and check your furnace can develop into numerous problems in the future or even a furnace replacement.

    Although furnaces have a long life span, they are expected to receive regular maintenance, at least once a year, to continue working efficiently. However, some people fail to repair or take care of their own appliances. It is not necessarily because they don't want to.

    Still, most people end up with many unanswered questions regarding their furnace. Because of this, they fail to provide it the service in need.

    Nevertheless, even if you are a homeowner in a warm city like Savannah, Georgia. These frequently asked questions and answers below about furnace replacements are a great way to learn more about your furnace and how it operates.

    Ready to decide on your furnace replacement?

    Choose your new furnace from the list we provide you and we’ll help you get it ordered, then install it when it comes in. We’ll make sure everything is working as the manufacturer designed it to, then we’ll test it for you and let you test it, too.

    We won’t leave until you’re completely satisfied with your new furnace.

    Call Service Emperor for a furnace installation appointment today!