Poor Indoor Air Quality Hurt More Than Your Lungs

Poor Indoor Air Quality Does More Damage Than Just Harming Your Lungs!

Check out this before and after of this blower wheel that we cleaned today. We have been on a little kick lately pertaining to indoor air quality, but that’s not the only thing going on when you have a dirty blower wheel. The dirt on the wheel also causes your system to move less air. This is a massive problem caused by poor indoor air quality in both heating and cooling.

The Massive Problem Caused by Poor Indoor Air Quality

  • On the cooling side of things:
    • You can have a system that freezes up because the coil gets too cold.
    • Once frozen, when it thaws out, the water will need somewhere to go, and that somewhere is typically through your ceiling!
  • On the heating side:
    • You could increase the pressure of your indoor coil. This will cause refrigerant to escape quickly through any pinhole leaks in the coil that are preexisting. Refrigerant prices are constantly increasing, so you do not want to lose any more than what you have already!
    • If you have a furnace, the heat exchanger could overheat and this causes all sorts of issues!
    • Overheating your furnace’s heat exchanger could develop hot spots, which in turn can lead to a leaking or cracked heat exchanger! This is a massive expense!


Long story short…change your air filters monthly and if your blower wheel looks like the one on the left, let us come clean it!! This blower wheel actual killed the original variable-speed fan motor. This became an extremely expensive repair when simple maintenance could have prevented this from happening!

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