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Keeping air conditioners clean is vital for their performance levels, especially the outside unit. The outdoor portion of an air conditioner is the condenser unit, and it accumulates a lot of dirt due to its constant exposure to the elements.

You may feel nervous about sprinkling water on electrical appliances because it’s generally dangerous, and you may think your unit needs to remain dry to function at its best. But can you spray water on an indoor or outdoor air conditioner unit?

You may be surprised to know that cleaning your air conditioning with water is not only safe – it’s one of the best things you could do for your system.

Consult the guide below to learn more about the role water plays in your cooling system and the benefits it will provide.

Why Is It OK to Spray Water on Your Air Conditioner?

It is perfectly fine to spray water on the condensing unit outdoors using a standard garden hose. The AC’s condenser unit remains uncovered during rainy weather, and it doesn’t affect the safety or performance of the system. As such, you can use the hose to clean dirt, leaves, and debris from the system if it is collecting heat or is dirty.

A central air conditioner works with the help of two coils. The evaporator coils facilitate the heat transfer that takes the hot air from indoors and makes it cool. Condenser coils take the warm air and expel it outdoors.

Cleaning both coils is highly beneficial. Though you may tackle the job by yourself with great caution, you can schedule professional maintenance services from a reputable HVAC company.

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Benefits of Spraying Water on AC Unit

Neglecting your air conditioning system often leads to costly repairs for preventable issues. Something as simple as changing dirty filters and cleaning the coils is enough to undo the damage the unit sustains from Georgia’s generally hot temperatures.

Here are several benefits you can experience by spraying your air conditioner with water.

Clean Outside AC Unit

Particles and debris constantly circulate through the air conditioner. Over time, the particles will build up on the filters, coils, vents, and other system components. Without routine cleanings, the debris will reduce the system’s efficiency and blow airborne pollutants like dust and pollen into your home.

Boost Energy Efficiency

The cleaner your air conditioner is, the better it will perform. When the temperature is high, the air conditioner will work harder to cool your indoor air. However, the longer the system runs, the more energy it will consume.

The result of a constantly running AC unit is high bills and premature wear and tear of various parts like the evaporator and condenser coil. By spraying liquid water on your air conditioner, though, you’ll encourage water evaporation, which reduces how much energy the appliance consumes.

The process works because ACs remove hot air from inside buildings and transfer it outdoors. The temperature outside drops when you spray water on the air conditioner. The unit will consume less energy, so you’ll save energy and money on monthly utility expenses.

Prolong the Air Conditioning Unit's Lifespan

Improved performance comes with a longer lifespan. No one wants to deal with a system breakdown during the height of summer. Instead of letting it overwork and wear down parts prematurely, a periodic hose-down will help the system’s components last longer.

Consider adding water cleaning to your HVAC maintenance checklist. Not only will your AC condenser be clean, it will dramatically improve how well your system functions.

Will Spraying Water on an Air Conditioning Unit Produce Cooler Air?

When you’re ready to clean your air conditioning unit, you can use a standard hose with an adjustable nozzle. Clear dirt, leaves, twigs, and other debris from around the unit. Set the nozzle to a hard stream and run the water over the outdoor unit’s exterior from top to bottom to clean it.

When it’s time to clean the AC’s fins inside the unit over the coils, you’ll need to use moderate water pressure. First, remove the top and use a vacuum with a soft brush attachment to gently remove dirt from the fins. Then, spray the fins with a condenser coil cleaner and water solution and rinse.

You could also clean the evaporator coils on the AC unit inside your home. However, spraying water on that component can be tricky, so it’s best to leave it for the professionals.

Maximize Your Air Conditioner's Cooling and Energy Efficiency With Preventive Maintenance

It pays to spray your AC unit with water. Not only will the water mist create a pleasing cooling effect when running your air conditioner, but it also improves the system’s performance.

When you need central AC preventive maintenance, turn to the HVAC experts at Service Emperor. Our HVAC company is based in Savannah, GA, and serves the surrounding communities. Our company has over 15 years of experience providing unparalleled personalized services at competitive prices, so contact our team today at 912-231-5430 to schedule an appointment.

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