Will I Save Money When I Pay Cash for an A/C Installation

Did you know that you can save money when you pay cash for your air conditioner installation in Savannah? It’s true! However, the savings may not be as extensive as you’ve been lead to believe by certain news reports.

A full system replacement will cost you several thousand dollars. The exact price depends on the size of an air conditioner or furnace that you need and other specifics of your system.

You’ll save between $100 and $500 on your system when you purchase with cash through most HVAC companies and us in Savannah that we are familiar with. If you’re buying a high-end system, costing around $20,000 total, you may save up to $1000 if you pay cash. However, that is not common and isn’t something we talk too much about in the industry.

Cash is no longer king in this industry. Here’s why:

  • People lose money. If we misplace cash, we can’t get another check or stop the payment at the bank. We are just out of the total cost of the HVAC installation in Savannah. While none of our technicians would purposely lose cash from an A/C or furnace installation in Savannah, they don’t have a great way to secure it. It can fall out of binders or even holes in pockets. We’ve seen it happen more than once!
  • Shrinkage. Even honest people might be tempted to skim some cash off the top when they are handed several thousand dollars.
  • Online payment is easy. Cash is becoming more and more of a nuisance when we can easily scan checks and have them deposited, find out if funds are available, and process credit cards, all online. We also don’t have to make many trips to the bank when we use this method!
  • Financing is quick. We can get people approved for financing immediately, using our automated systems. There’s no longer any wait, so no reason for cash to dominate.

If you need to have an HVAC installation in Savannah completed quickly and efficiently, rely on us at Service Emperor. No matter how you want to pay, we’ll get you the very best furnace and/or air conditioner for your home and install it fast. Don’t let your installation wait – call us today!

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