How To Beat Procrastination In Three Simple Ways With Francois Lupien

SBM 607 | Beat Procrastination


Procrastination is the silent killer. How do you beat it? Learn these three simple steps so that you can kill procrastination before it kills your ideas. Join your host Tersh Blissett and his guest Francois Lupien as they discuss their insights on this topic. Francois is a business success mindset coach and he is here to tell you how to take action on your goals. You will never get things done if you just sit back and wait for a miracle to happen. That is not how life works. Learn Francois’s three easy steps on how you can beat procrastination so that you can be successful in whatever you do. Join in the conversation and fight procrastination today.

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How To Beat Procrastination In Three Simple Ways With Francois Lupien

We’re talking to Francois Lupien. We’re going to talk about procrastination and the way that we can kill it. We all procrastinate. I do it more than a lot of people do and so I’m excited to talk about ways of getting rid of procrastination and just knocking it out of my life completely. The challenge that I face honestly is prioritizing things. Am I procrastinating or am I putting other things ahead? Is it procrastination or is it prioritization? What are your thoughts on that, Josh?

That’s a hard word for me too because I do try to prioritize things but I also know there are times when I should do something and I don’t. I have a list and I usually do my best to make lists and then I’ll cross stuff off. Then stuff will sit on the list and I either don’t want to do it or it’s something I’m dragging my feet to do. I’m interested to hear how we can kill procrastination because there’s always something more important in business in life to do like, “There’s a phone call. I’ve got to go. My wife asked me to do this. My technician is going to do this. I’m going to do that instead and put out fires,” because that’s easy.

You just have to react. You don’t have to think, plan and put together a process for it. Francois is going to help us get a little closer, especially, it’s starting to become a slow season for HVC and some contractors that maybe do a lot of work in the summer. This is a great time to stop procrastinating and get those processes and get those other things done in your business that is going to move you forward for your next busy season.

One of the things that I like about Francois is he’s not just talking in theory. He has a construction company, so he put these things into practice. He takes what he’s saying to heart because he’s been in our shoes. He’s in our shoes. One of the things that I have is my calendar. I always have my calendar open on one of my monitors here but I’m afraid for the calendar because its days are numbered. Welcome to the show, Francois.

Good to be here. Thank you so much. I appreciate it. Ladies and gentlemen, if you hesitate that you think you can do something, get over it.

You might have a critic like Josh, but go for it. Tell us a little bit about yourself, Francois.

I’ll start with family. I’m a father of six and married to the love of my life for many years. It’s a blessing. I married up. I was lucky. I have been in sales a lot of my life and I have always been heart-centered. It’s something that is characteristic of me. If it doesn’t come from here then it’s not worth doing. I found out that you can climb the ladder of success and if you are not hard centered or the way that you want to serve people when you get to the top of that ladder, you’re going to realize you’re on the wrong building.

You have to come back down and put that ladder on something else and that something else, I don’t care how old are young you are but if it’s centered towards heart service the people, if you serve the people right then from the heart, your business will take off regardless. That’s for sure. A little bit about me. I’m a Canadian champion of Taekwondo. I love sports. I don’t know if you do Wim Hof, this exercise of breathing.

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Francois, how do we not talk about Taekwondo? I saw that on your bio and I totally forgot to ask you about it. I was in Taekwondo for 25 years. I traveled all over the US. I went to Canada a couple of times.

I did that for quite a while, twelve years, I believe. Full intensive. Taekwondo is an amazing sport. Wim Hof, the Iceman breathing guy. I like to push myself all the time. The most I hold my breath for is four minutes, seven seconds, just through the exercise of Wim Hoff. I do race motocross with my sons. We have a very active life.

I have a construction company and I do mindset business coaching to help people double, triple and ten X their income and even make their yearly income become their monthly income. If you think that’s impossible, that’s because you’re thinking it. I did it and I showed people how to do it as well. I did with my construction company. Basically, serving others is what I love.

Is that something that you purposely developed? Does it come naturally to you? I struggle with this sometimes because I know that I want to serve people more and sometimes I feel like I’m a great servant. I’m serving others. I’m doing a great job and then other times I’m like, “Where did I go wrong? My path just went wrong.” Sometimes it’s very much not natural. It’s like, “I know that I need to do this but it’s not something that’s coming naturally to me.” Can you dive a little bit into that? I know we didn’t talk about this beforehand.

Serving People

It might be something that was from my family. My father was a doctor, an anesthesiologist. Therefore, you need to serve. I remember him working 80 to 100 hours a week, saving lives. That’s what he did. He said something also that might be good for each and every one of us. As an anesthesiologist, they tell us bad stories and people fall asleep before operation. Basically, he puts people to sleep.

Sometimes, unfortunately, some people don’t make it out. I remembered that affecting my dad a lot but he was saying, and this is a key point, “If I concentrate on the failure of what happened, I might quit what I’m doing. If I start looking at the good that I’ve done, how many lives was I able to save? The knowledge that I have to help people prepare for the operation and if the operation a success then I start to be enthusiastic about what I do.”

He also said that, “In life, whatever you decide to do, there will be ups and downs. They come with the choices that you make.” Live with it and focus on the good that you can make rather than the mistakes that you did because if you focus on those mistakes, it will stop you dead in your tracks. Focusing on the good that you can do.

That’s something that we can all take away from and I personally can take away from this, if nothing else. That’s within our business. Julie and I talked about this a good bit. It’s the way that I, as the business owner, get bombarded with negativity. It’s just the negative detractors. I sometimes feel that all I get is the negative side of things. I don’t even focus on the positive side. That’s the thing that she’s always saying to me. We talk about the negative things but you got to realize all the positive things that are happening. I’m like, “What about this negative stuff over here?” That definitely hit home there.

This is something that, unfortunately, has been ingrained into each and every one of us from childhood going to school. When you go to school, what happens? If you’re not ready, if you don’t perform high you’re either dumb, you’re slow or you’re stupid according to how blunt the teacher is or the students around you. There’s this stigma about trying something and if you fail then you get to repercussions that are not pleasant such as if your marks aren’t good enough, you can’t go out any more. You can’t play soccer, you can’t play baseball and you have to stay home and then we get to hate failing. From that stems a lot of procrastination because we don’t want to do it. Why would I do it?

SBM 607 | Beat Procrastination
Beat Procrastination: If you climb the ladder of success and you’re not heart-centered, you’re going to realize you’re in the wrong building. But if you center your heart-service towards people, your business will take off.

I never thought about it that way but it’s one of those things like you don’t ever want to be that one in front of the class and feel stupid so you don’t try and then not trying leads to not having future successes because you just get stuck in a comfortable zone versus pushing yourself. That’s very interesting that you bring that up with a school system. I guess we just all homeschool our kids.

We did for twelve years.

You’re a better man than I am. We tried homeschooling for a little while.

It’s not easy. My eldest one never went to school until university and when she did, she had a 4.0 average. It costs me zippo to send her to school. That was pretty cool.

We did homeschool our children for a year. After doing that, whenever the teacher would say, “We need an extra packet of paper per kid,” I sent four packs of paper per kid. You’re getting four times whatever you ask for because I understand completely what you’re going through. Don’t even hesitate. That’s what I tell them beforehand. I was like, “If you need anything at all, don’t hesitate to ask because I will gladly give it to you because I’ve done that and I only had four kids at the house. I didn’t have twenty kids in my room constantly.”

No Child Left Behind

To build on what you’ve just said, as far as schooling. I worked with Stephen Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. I worked with him for thirteen years. I was a lot into the school industry. In the States, you have this thing called No Child Left Behind and that bit you all the time. One of the things that I used to do and you can hear a fly after. To the Ministry of Education and anybody who is in the room, I say, “Let’s start a business together. Come with me and let’s start a construction business and we’re going to build houses. Since we are very frugal, we’re going to take only 50% of the material, build the foundation and then once that foundation is built with 50% of the material, we’re going to build the first floor.”

“That first floor, we’re going to build with 50% of the material and because we’re frugal, we want to save some money. On the second floor, 50% of the materials. Anybody here has an idea what’s going to happen? It’s going to collapse.” Welcome to No Child Left Behind. If you’ve got 50%, you pass. That’s why there are so many kids and teenagers that just go, “I’m not doing this anymore.” We’ve done it to them.

When I finished saying this, you could hear a fly in the roof because that’s not the way to do it. Therefore, everybody has home service based 100% all the time so that the business that you have done with your HVAC, for example, or plumbing or electrician and you’ve done the best job that you can, 1, 2, 3, 5, 10 years later, it still holds. Guess what people say, “You want HVAC? Call Tersh, Josh or whoever.” Call you because you’ve done a good job.

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You become the expert.

You are the go-to person. The person that people trust, because of the work that you’ve done, does it cost more? Maybe on the onset but after that, it’s coming in drives, more referrals because of what you have done. Going back to my dad because he influenced my life a lot, he said that, “In life, you have choices. You can make it hard at first and it’s going to be easy for a long time or you can make it easy at first and it’s going to be hard for a long time. Decide to pay the price.” That’s one of the things to do to overcome procrastination. Make it hard at first.

By that, just repetition again and again. It’s like Tersh saying Francois 5, 6 times before you introduce me. That’s a way. I’m just using this as an example but one of the things you did is you took action and that’s okay. Once we take action, we then correct because we are moving. I like to say that God cannot steer a parked car. Keep moving. Even if you go in the wrong direction, you can be steered back to the right one because you’re moving. If you don’t move then you’re stuck.

It’s true because I was just moving vehicles around. I have a couple of project cars and they’ll run but it’s one of those things where if you don’t crank it up for a while, it just wants to fight with you. I was trying to pull one of them and it was not running and I’m trying to turn the steering wheel. I’m like, “Screw this.” It’s definitely true. It’s very difficult and challenging to steer a parked car for this, that’s for sure. The three steps, can we dive into that because we’re liable to talk for an hour and not even talk about procrastination, which is going to procrastinate about talking about procrastination.


Procrastination, the silent killer. It kills so many good ideas in their tracks. One of the best ways to step one of this for me is you need to have clarity. Unless you have clarity, what are you doing? Where are you going? What matters? There is nothing in your life that will be achieved unless you have clarity. All of you that are service-based businesses, how much money do you want to make? How many clients do you want to have?

I’m going to push the envelope here. Your HVAC company, so there’s the heating system and air conditioning and then there are those docs that you do. I’m not too sure 100% but does that make sense? I’m going to say, “You want to sell 100 furnaces and 200 air conditioning units,” and then you will say, “Francois, you’re not in my business. How can you tell ahead of the time which machine or how many are you going to sell?” “I just come in and I serve people.”

That is right but you’re not clear about what it is that you want. Therefore, it’s not happening. If you’re waiting for the outside world to bring things into your life, you’re going to wait a long time or your bank account is not going to reflect the potential that you have. What do I mean by this? If you go on a trip and you use this little guy, it asks you two things. Where do you want to go and where are you from? Where are you now?

Also, it will ask you, “Are you walking or cycling? Are you by car or by plane?” It has those little icons. Therefore, that’s your job. Where is it that you’re going but where are you now? It is important to assess where we are now before we want to go where we’re going. That clarity comes to the point that if you know how many, for example, air conditioning units you want to sell and the jobs that are coming in or the referrals or the ads that you’re putting out because if you don’t advertise, no one will know you’re there. Newsflash. You need to advertise, ladies and gentlemen. Tweak them towards what it is that you want. The clearer you are about the things that you want, the more they’ll start to happen.

Tersh, you were saying, “It’s amazing. Sometimes with procrastination, I want to do something and things keep coming at me and I got to dodge them and then address only the important issues.” When you’re doing this, you’re reacting. That’s because there’s not enough clarity. I’m very visual as you can tell. When there’s clarity, when things come at you, you say, “Hold on, is this helping me achieve where I want to go?” No. Out. You don’t need to take more time and something else comes. Is this helping me going where I want to go? Yes, do it now. That simple thing is going to help you so much but it starts with clarity.

SBM 607 | Beat Procrastination
Beat Procrastination: In life, you have choices. You can make it hard at first and it’s going to be easy for a long time. Or you can make it easy at first and it’s going to be hard for a long time. So decide to pay the price.


Unless you’re clear as to what it is that you truly want then anything goes. You said that your agenda’s time is counted because their days are numbered. Those numbers can be filled and they need to be filled with clarity of things that you want to have happened and you put it into your calendar. You do this thing and the more clarity you have, the easier it is. It’s an exercise and most of you are going down to a slow season. Am I correct?

Now is the time to plan and get clarity. You talk about a calendar. Get yourself those twelve-month calendars and start to plot what it is that you want to happen each and every month how much money you want each month to bring and how many jobs there are? Start to visualize these things and put them on paper. It does two things. Once you’re in your head or when you’re in your head, everything is all over the place and it’s hard.

When you take what you have in your head and you put it on paper then you can look at it. When you can look at it and now you can make an intelligent decision based on the goals that you want, the clarity that you’re seeking. Unless you’re clear then procrastination will bite you for the rest of your life. That’s number one.

Chunk It Down

Number two, chunk it down. Let’s make it easy numbers for math purposes. Let’s say that you want to do $120,000 net in your pocket by the end of the year. That’s $10,000 a month. Easy math. What does $10,000 a month look like? If you don’t know what it looks like, why would it come to you? If you cannot explain to a potential client how the air conditioning thermostat that has a 0.5 variation on the mechanism to start and stop the air conditioning is going to save them money rather than 2 or 3 degrees because it taxes the machines so much more rather than to have some stability. I’m just thinking out of my mind what I’m saying right now but I think it makes sense.

As you’re doing this then, therefore, it saves them money. When you can express this properly, you have clarity. When you give clarity to your client and they believe in you. They want you because you’re solving their problems. When you explain people’s problems better than they can, they automatically assume that you have the solution.

You know more than them on HVAC, plumbing, electrician, any service-based, home service-based business that you’re doing. Chunking it down means what does it look like to do at $10,000 a month? How many clients are needed for that? How many appointments? How many call backs? Do you need have to plan my callbacks? Yes, you do because it’s going to bite you.

I live in the north and the construction company that I have. When it gets to be 8 degrees Celsius, I do not do the business because I do three-season rooms. The caulking, when it’s cold and 8 degrees, doesn’t stick. In the next spring, I have to redo all these jobs. What happens is when it gets to be cold, I stop the business. I don’t do it anymore. I do something else. Why? It’s because it’s planned and I have clarity. I’ve taken from my mistakes and I implement them. How was I able to do this? First, clarity and second, chunking it down because I’ve realized that if I’m doing work that I’m going to have to go back to, how can I eliminate that? I waste time after.

It becomes more efficient.

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You’re planning it out ahead of time and so it’s not a surprise and that reduces stress.

Taking Action

Number three, we talk about consistency and consistency of action. You need to take action. By that, all the planning, chunking down and all the, “I feel great. It’s going to be a fantastic year.” Unless you take action on it, it’s not going to happen. I deal a lot with mindset. In my mind, mindset is 95% of your success and 5% skillset. There needs to be a delicate balance between the two but the mindset is first. Remember an iceberg. The iceberg has got 90% at the bottom and 10% at the top. The things that you can think about are on the top but under the water is your “Beliefs and programming.”

“I can’t do this.” You’re listening to me right now and say, “How can I plan $10,000 a month?” “He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He doesn’t know my business.” That’s your mindset. You are getting in is the hose of abundance is coming towards you and you’re stepping on it. That just pushes you off it so that we can allow that flow to come into your life.

He says, “It can’t be that easy.” That’s your belief in it. I got tons of clients that are making their yearly income become their monthly income, just because they get out of their own way, overcoming that procrastination, being clear on what it is that they want. They are chunking it down and then being consistent in taking action. A little segue on that one with the planning. When you’re doing, you’re planning and you want to have consistent action, you will need to get ahold of Tersh and Josh and tell them, “I need some marketing.”

That marketing needs to be done on a consistent basis. It’s like a pump. You have to prime the pump and then the pump goes and then if you stop pumping and you don’t prime for a while then you’re going to go to the pump and nothing’s happening. You need to prime it. Going back to clarity, if you’re clear on what it is that you want if you understand what it is that you need to do the $10,000 a month then consistently do these things.

Another segue is to overcome the income rollercoaster. One of the things that happen is that you’re stopping doing the essentials. If you’re not doing what needs to be done then you’re not filling in your pipe and because you’re not filling your pipe, you’re going to get the income rollercoaster. The income’s going to go up and you can say, “All is well,” but you didn’t do the essentials, so the income’s going back down.

You pick up the phone and say, “Tersh, Josh, I need clients yesterday. What’s going on? What can be?” Were you clear on your goals? Did you chunk it down? Are you following your plan? Once you follow your plan, it becomes much easier and you stop that income rollercoaster. Will that work like this all the time? It won’t.

If people tell you that, run. There will be some fluctuations but you can make it go this way. If you are clear about what it is that you want, you chunk it down and then you take consistent action. A little tip here. Sometimes when the pipe gets full, you get so many appointments that now your day’s going crazy and you have no time to breathe.

That’s okay. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People talks about this and it says, “It is planned imbalance.” That means that at one point you’ll be working way more than you expected. That’s okay. A little tip here. Never ever stop your advertising, marketing or filling in your pipe activities while you are busy because then you will hit the income rollercoaster again. You can say, “I’m so busy.” Suck it up. That’s fine. What do you want to do?

SBM 607 | Beat Procrastination
Beat Procrastination: If you’re waiting for the outside world to bring things into your life, you’re going to wait a long time. You have to be clear about what it is you want.


I do agree with that point. Tersh and I have both been in air conditioning, even more so for heating. It gets dire. When it gets cold in Canada, you have to get there. You can’t go, “I’m sorry. I’m not taking calls today,” sort of thing. If you prepare yourself, you prepare your team and you do these things ahead of time, you can be ready for the fluctuation but also the jobs that don’t necessarily need to be done.

There’s a guy down in Florida. He’s in air conditioning and you’d think he makes most of his money in the summer. He makes more money in the fall because he puts duct replacement and duct repair jobs and all of those types of things into the fall. He plans in my head. He tells his customers, “You’re going to get a little discount. We’re going to push it to the fall when we slow down.” He makes more money in the fall and in the winter than he does in the summer and then there’s no demand. It’s fun to work. The guys come to work for eight hours a day. They make more money, go home.

I ask a question to everybody reading this right now. Do you think that this gentleman had clarity as to what it is that you wanted? He had some action and tweaked what it is. He says, “My ductwork? I’m going to do it in the fall.” That didn’t come by accident. He planned it and then he took consistent action on it. Hence, it’s one of the secrets to making things happen. When everybody was dying and said, “There’s no money,” this guy’s making more money than the others because he planned it. When you don’t know something, ask someone who does.

There’s such a huge network out there these days with Facebook groups and LinkedIn and stuff like that where you can easily talk to people like yourself. Maybe in past years, before all the social media stuff, you had no way of getting in touch with people that had this knowledge unless you were paying big retainers. You couldn’t get this information because it wasn’t out there.

You said paying big retainers. You have the HVAC business. You have the low-end, middle and high-end units. I am sure that the high-end units, although they cost more, in the end, they cost less. Am I, right? Why? It’s because they last longer. They’re more efficient and they cost less on the other end. Therefore, quality costs. If you believe that because you’re good at your trade, you can charge more, if someone’s good at their trade, they can charge more as well.

The Right Mindset

This is my mindset teaching right now. Whoever you are right now reading this and you have high-end machinery or services that you offer and you’re going out there and you’re telling people, “I got the middle and I got high and everybody’s taking the middle or the low,” I don’t know you but this is what’s happening in your life. When you go out shopping and you’re looking at different things and you shop for price, you say, “I’m not going to take the high-end. I’m going to take the middle or the low,” and then you start to rationalize your decision, look at me right here. What you put out comes right back. If you bite the cheap stuff, the people want the cheap stuff from. Make a mindset in your life and decide that you will buy the best quality in your life and your business is going to turn around and buy the best from you.

It’s the same with service experts and their offerings for the consumers and the homeowners. I had a conversation with one of my lead guys. It was a great conversation but we talked about this exact same thing. It was very much like, “Do they need the high-end stuff?” Do they need it? Do they want it? If it’s all you’re offering then that’s all they’re going to purchase.

If you’re only offering the low-end stuff because that’s what you would purchase then that’s all they’re going to purchase. If you don’t offer it, if you don’t present the multiple options for them to make the decision, you’re deciding for them. I’ve done this myself. I enjoy working on cars. I did more in the past than I do now. When it came to working on cars, I would change my own oil. I’m like, “Why would I spend $50 whenever it’s only $10 in materials to change the oil.” I’m going to change the oil myself. Now I understand the amount of time that it takes me to find the old catch can, dispose of the oil, go to the store to buy oil, clean up the mess that I’m going to make.

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Whenever the oil spills all over the driveway, now I have to pressure wash it. I understand that I can just pay someone $50 or $100 and then I can just leave it there and come back to work and then go back later and pick it up. I understand and I value them doing the work for me. I understand exactly the mentality that my service expert has but for me, the challenge that I face is getting them to understand it other than experiencing it themselves.

One of the things that that can be said, if I may, Tersh, on this is explaining to the client that you have high-ends material and why. You used to provide the low-end material and from that then you can tell the horror stories that happen with these. You’re now educating your client that now they can understand where their minds and where their hearts are because unless you do both when you’re explaining what it is that you do, that’s not going to connect.

When there’s a connection between the two then they see, “That’s why I don’t want to buy the cheap stuff because it’s not going to last. Tersh told me about it. Josh told me about this.” You explain the good stories about the higher quality and how it lasts for way longer than they understand. You need to do your homework. You need to be educated yourself and then bring it to people.

What Comes Out, Comes Back In

People say, “I don’t know how to do that.” Get someone that can help you do it. Same concept. If other people are good at what they’re doing, give them business and people will give you business. Remember what comes out, comes back in. If you don’t believe me on this, let’s make it a simple one. Go to the grocery store and take your cart and start to angrily tell people, “Can you move, please? Move out of the way.” Then bump people back of the leg and see what your life’s going to look like. Now everybody’s laughing because you understand, what you’re putting out is coming back. It might come back like this. “Stop hitting me.”

Are you not supposed to run into people in their ankles? That’s what I do every time I go to Lowe’s.

That’s just what you guys do down in the South with those buggies.

All this is to illustrate. I’m putting a point into your mind that what comes out of you will come back multiplied. That’s just not nice words in a nice book. It’s a reality. Therefore, try now the other way. I do this. One of my pet peeves is to leave everyone with the impression of an increase. How do I do it? I go to Canadian Tire, that’s a hardware store-type of thing that’s got lots of stuff.

I’m waiting in line and I see this lady and she is mechanically busy and she’s not there. When she comes to me and says, “Good morning,” I always look at their nametag. “Good morning, Julia. How are you?” She was good at doing one thing. Those scanners, she would scan them each and every time in one shot. Some of them take a couple of shots before this.

She was fast. I go, “You’re a good scanner.” She’s looking at me like, “Am I making fun of her or something?” I said, “No, it’s true.” People are skeptical of this compliment so it has to be genuine. I said to her, “Most people have to go a couple of times to scan. I noticed that you do in every shot.” She then goes, “I do.” I say, “Yes, you do. That’s pretty good.” Now she’s cracking a smile. I notice she has a ring and I say, “Your kids are lucky.” She goes, “How do you know I’ve got kids?” I said, “You got a ring here and you’re married. You have kids?” She goes, “I do.” “They must appreciate the things,” and then she just stops. Her shoulders dropped. Relief. There’s some human speaking to me here.

SBM 607 | Beat Procrastination
Beat Procrastination: When your pipe is full, you have no time to breathe. That’s okay because that is, planned imbalance. That means that at one point, you’ll be working more than you expected.


I had a conversation with her. I say, “I appreciate all of it is that you’ve done for me. I’m wishing you a great day.” “Thank you. Have a great day.” As I walked away, I turned around. The next guy, when she comes, she goes, “Good morning, sir. How are you?” She has a smile on her face. He goes, “I’m doing great. How are you?” Leaving everyone with the impression of an increase creates a wave of momentum that gives good that keeps going and going. I’m coming back to this, “What comes out will come back.” The next thing you know, the phone rings unexpectedly of a client that maybe six months ago I gave a call to and said, “No,” and all of a sudden, they’re calling me. Why? It’s because I’m giving room for it to happen in my life but it starts with self.

One of the things I like, some of you are in countries that are cold enough. The woodstove analogy. You have a wood stove. You tell the wood stove, “Give me some heat. I’ll give you some wood.” The woodstove looks at you and says, “Give me wood and I’ll give you as much heat as you want.” That’s life. Unless you’re in a giving mentality, I was reading Helen Keller. She says, “No one ever got poor by giving.”

The Secret Weapon

Just give. Keep giving. The more you give, the more it’s going to come back at you. The key because I keep this for the end, to overcome procrastination, is my secret weapon that my high-paying clients get. I’ll give it to all of you. The only reason you need to do something now is the thought you had of, “Maybe I’ll do it later.” That’s the only reason. If you adopt this little sentence here, your life is going to change on a dime. That’s the only reason you ever need it. If you’re thinking of doing something later, that means you do it now. Tersh, say my name again.


Do you see what just happened? Let’s make this a full circle. At first, I don’t know. I’m not sure. Try this, now doing it and now it’s coming. It’s rolling out of your tongue, better than my dad.

A lot of people don’t even know this. One of the reasons I started doing the show was public speaking. I was terrified of public speaking due to dyslexia. Every time I see the S at the end, that I-S is Francis. It’s every time and it’s dyslexia.

It’s not dyslexia. I’ll help you, Tersh. It’s French and French is crazy. Sometimes you can say the S, sometimes you can’t say the S and sometimes say E and you don’t. French is crazy. You’re saying it is fantastic. I see at the bottom, it says, “To learn more.” Visit HowToBecomeMore.com. You’re going to see if you ever get to that website, there’s a thing that says, “Schedule a Call.”

For everybody on your show, usually it’s a casual call. I’ll make it to the point for everybody from your show and I’m going to help them. I have this proprietary thing called the CURRE. The first one stands for Clarity. We’ll spend half an hour together free and I’ll help you gain clarity as to where it is that you want to go and I’m going to poke at you to make sure that that’s where exactly where you want to go.

Number two, U stands for Uncover. I’m going to help you uncover hidden challenges that are right now stopping your growth in your business and I’m going to give you some solutions. I’m going to do that for the people because usually that schedule a call and my website is not geared to that. I will do it. There are some questions that you can answer when you schedule a call.

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Answer the questions. It’s going to help direct the call faster when we talk but I’ll bring you clarity. I’ll uncover hidden challenges and I’ll give you solutions and with those solutions, you’ll be able to implement them on your own or if you want, you can implement with me faster. Regardless, that call will be the best 30 minutes you’ve ever spent. I can guarantee that, that’s for sure. That’s my gift to you for being here.

We appreciate that 100%. It’s been a great conversation, Josh.

We just sat back and drank coffee. He did a great job by himself.

I wonder why he’s in business to coach people.

You definitely know what you’re talking about. We’ve got some value. Hopefully, this helps someone figure something out.

Everybody that’s here reading, please don’t hesitate. Don’t procrastinate and reach out to Francois. I hope you have a wonderful day. If you have any other questions that don’t pertain to this, don’t hesitate to reach out to Josh or me. Until we talk again next time. We’ll see you.

Thank you so much. I appreciate it.

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