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Those who are looking to hire a company to service the heating or cooling system at their property can count on the staff at Service Emperor. When issues arise with your HVAC system or you are having concerns about the quality of water at your home or business, we are the ones to call. With more than 15 years in business offering HVAC services, duct cleaning, and help with things like whole home generators and water conditioning, there is no team more qualified to assist you in Whitmarsh Island.

Furnace Repair Services

If you are in need of furnace repairs or need your furnace replaced, call our heating system experts. We will make sure that you are totally taken care of and do whatever it takes to keep you warm. In addition, we can also do heater maintenance for you in Whitmarsh Island, so that you can be sure your appliance always works when you need it.

Air Conditioning Repairs

We also have a team of experts who can assist you with any of your AC-related issues. Let us do air conditioning repairs and get your place back to conditions that are cool and comfortable. If you need your cooling system tuned up or need your current unit replaced and a new one put in, we can do that as well.

Indoor Air Quality Help

You may consider your property to be a relatively safe space, but there could be tiny invisible particles floating around in the air that everyone is inhaling. Let our experts do duct cleaning to rid your Whitmarsh Island property’s ventilation system of any harmful toxins.

Whole Home Generators

Our team can install a whole home generator if you want to make sure you’re prepared for losing power. With a backup generator, your electricity will still work even when there is a blackout and all the other properties around you are dark.

Water Filtration Services

Let us assist you with improving the water quality at your place in Whitmarsh Island. Our team can put in a water conditioning system that will automatically filter out any impurities and make sure only clean, fresh water comes from your taps.


Service Emperor is the area’s go-to for all kinds of heating and cooling projects. You can have us repair, replace, or maintain part of your HVAC system make sure you have clean air or water, or handle anything else that you need done. Schedule service with us today!


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