Our founder and owner, Tersh Blissett, is the proud recipient of a Top 40 Under 40 Award for HVAC professionals. This award is given to young HVAC professionals who are taking hold of the industry in the 21st century. Many people say that HVAC is getting old and gray, but these pros show that there is plenty of new blood just ready to take over.

Tersh is a pioneer in our industry. By the age of 35, he had successfully started not one but two HVAC businesses. He also hosts the podcast, Service Business Mastery, to help people who are thinking about starting similar businesses know what works and what doesn’t. He wants to help business owners make their business better, but he also wants to improve their lives.

At the same time, his goals with Service Emperor multiply. He wants to provide our customers with the very best that a Savannah HVAC company or a Savannah refrigeration company can offer. He puts people over profits and teaches everyone from his office staff to his technicians to do the same.

Tersh also aims to bring the very best technology to everything he does in the HVAC industry. From offering digital and wireless diagnostic techniques to having a responsive, updated website, his aim is to use technology to make people’s lives better, one HVAC or refrigeration call at a time.

When you choose to work with use at Service Emperor, you’re choosing a company that believes you are the most important part of our work. It’s not your A/C, your heater, or your refrigerator that is the most important, but you as a person. We are the Savannah HVAC company or the Savannah refrigeration company that always works with the goal of making your life better.

Call us today to find out what a difference this can make in your experience of working with us and getting your home repaired. We’ll make sure everything is working again before we leave so you won’t have to worry or feel anxious anymore. Get your appointment now to see this attitude at work.

Article link here: https://www.achrnews.com/articles/141789-top-40-under-40-hvacr-professionals