Indoor Air Quality Explained

What is up? So, what exactly does it mean when somebody says they offer indoor air quality? Is that good? Is that bad? I mean, honestly.

So, you offer indoor air quality? That’s good…good, indoor air quality, bad indoor air quality? I’m going to explain to you precisely what Service Emperor offers when it comes to indoor air quality.

Duct Cleaning

I’m going to list off some items that we offer, such as duct cleaning. That’s self-explanatory. We clean duck work. We pull the grills off, and we clean your ductwork if it’s conventional ductwork that we can clean. There are times whenever we come to a duct system and it’s so old and deteriorated that it’s just can’t be cleaned anymore. And those systems, we can replace the duck work.

Sealing Ductwork & Replacing Ductwork

That’s the second thing. We replace ductwork. When it comes to indoor air quality, we have to make sure that all your ducts in your system are sealed tightly because most times your duck work is in the attic…sometimes it’s underneath your house, so if it’s not sealed, then it’s going to suck in the dirty outside air. Basically, your attic air, which is hot. So, then we’re conditioning that air in the summertime and then blowing that cold air into the attic or sucking in the humid air. Sometimes it’s 130-degree air, and we’re sucking it straight into the system. So sealing that ductwork, cleaning the ductwork, replacing ductwork, re-insulating ductwork, anything related to ductwork type things. Those are products that we offer, the services that we offer and. We offer these services in the Savannah area. We go all the way up to Statesboro and Metter area.

Air Scrubber

Next is air scrubbers. We also add air scrubbers to ductwork. So basically, an air scrubber cleans the air as it passes by, which is similar to what a U.V. light does, but it’s a little bit different. Ultraviolet lamps are going to focus on the A-coil, if you’re familiar with that term, inside your air handler. With those coils, we place that U.V. light so it can focus the light on that A-coil to kill any microbial that may be on the coil.

Whole-Home Air Filter

Once we kill all these microbes, they’re still floating around the air, so we’ll install a five-inch merv-13 media filter. We typically will install this filter at the air handler or the indoor unit. Sometimes you may have a furnace rather than an air handler. Most commonly around this area is going to be an air handler with a heat pump. We’ll install that whole-house air filter right there at the air handler. And the good thing about those filters is typically they only have to be changed out twice a year. Some homes that have like hardwood floors and ’45 dogs and people that run in and out of the house, sometimes it has to be changed more often than that.

Dual Ionizer

But the good thing is, is with that filter, it’s catching all of that dirt that’s floating around the air. And it’s like I said, it’s a merv 13, so it’s a really, really good filter. The dual ionizer Air Cleaners. They’re similar to an air scrubber but works a little differently. It’s still the same principle. It cleans the air as it’s passing by, kills any microbial viruses, any kind of like flu-type symptoms, stuff, bacteria. It just the way it works is it just kills them is by breaking down the protein on the outside of those cells. And then basically they can’t live anymore because it has no protective protein on the outside of it. And with the dual ionizer, it has positive and negatively charged ions, so they clump together and make the particulates heavy. Then it gets rid of everything floating in the air. If you ever look out of a window on a sunny afternoon and you see stuff floating in the air, there’s the stuff that goes into your lungs, and you’re breathing that stuff. The dual ionizer, it clumps those together and then makes them so heavy that they drop down into the air filter.


So that’s just a handful of things that we offer when it comes to cleaning and duck ceiling and indoor air quality in general. But one of the biggest things with indoor air quality is you need to seal up the house. The actual home that you live, because if you have a gaping hole, no matter how much we clean the duct system and clean the ductwork, you’re still pulling in some dirt and debris from outside. That is where attic sealing comes into play. Sealing up your attic where you can and adding insulation providing extra insulation for your attic. We can go even as far as going to spray foam the system, and we can spray foam the ductwork and spray foam their actual attic space.

In Conclusion

If you have any questions about any of that stuff, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’ll send a service expert out to you to answer any questions you may have. You can also call me directly, and I’ll answer any questions that you may have. And if there’s anything that you might stump me with, I have a whole Rolodex of great industry experts who I could reach out to for assistance! With that being said, my name is Tersh with Service Emperor, and I look forward to speaking with you soon. And if you’d like to visit our Web site, it’s www.serviceemperor.com. Have a wonderful day.


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